My name is Alejandro (I go by “Alex” for short), I graduated from Marist College in May 2021 with a degree in Film/TV Production. I am most experienced and passionate about video editing and post-production work; the programs I consider specialties are Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, but I also have years of experience with Media Composer. 


Currently, I am working at the TEGNA Stream Center in Charlotte as a video engineer, making sure incoming files play right and fit broadcasting standards for local TV stations that the company owns across the country. I am also well rounded in various live and on-set capacities such as camerawork and operation of audio, graphics and live feed boards.


I was diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic person at age 2, but I like to see this as a means to give myself inherent values useful to any project I am able to work on rather then as a cudgel to excuse a lack of trying; this could mean anything from ensuring the shot is just right when everyone else on the team is tired and would sacrifice the final product to catch some rest; or repeating the same sequence on a loop in Premiere for minutes if not hours on end in order to catch the mistakes and tighten up what others may wave off as "fine"; to approaching the world at large with unique perspectives few other people do. Whatever the project may be, I can assure you once I'm on it I am physically unable to slouch until the final product is immaculate.